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Embryology Service Nina Lahdenpohja


Nina Lahdenpohja,  embryologist, PhD

 has hands-on IVF Laboratory experience since year 2000:


-Egg retrieval



-Embryo culture (using various culture systems)

-Blastocyst culture

-Embryo transfer

-Cryopreservation: slow freezing & vitrification (embryos, egg cells, ovarian tissue slices, sperm, testisbiopsies)

-Assisted haching (AT/PZD, Laser)



-embryo biopses (D3, D5) PGS/PGD

-Sperm analyses

-Sperm banking

-Quality control

-IVF-laboratory setup



 Embryology Service Nina Lahdenpohja will follow established protocols and guidelines in your laboratory. The work will be accomplished as a team work and under the direction of the laboratory director.


Work experience:

University of Tampere, Medical School, Department of Microbiology                           1994-2000

and  Immunology, Tampere, Finland



Tampere University Hospital, Department of Obstetrics,  IVF-laboratory                      2000-2003

Tampere, Finland

IVF Laboratory Director and Embryologist


Väestöliitto Fertility Clinics, Ltd, Tampere Clinic                                                       2003-2009

Tampere, Finland

IVF Laboratory Director and Embryologist


Embryology Service Nina Lahdenpohja, Invitrotec Ltd.                                               2009-


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